Summary – How New Diet System Will Affect You

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  Prevailing Diet System Ideal Diet System New Diet System
Morning Heavy breakfast, tea, bread, butter etc. Natural food in natural form uncooked/
RAW as and when required.
No time bound programme. To eat whenever hungry. To drink whenever thirsty.
No breakfast 4 hours for growing person 8 hours for adults after awaking
Noon Full lunch of bread, rice, cooked vegetables etc. Uncooked salad, Vegetables, fruits, juices, sprouts etc.
Evening Snacks, cooked food Snacks - Uncooked like seasonal food, fruits/juices.
Dinner Cooked food bread, vegetables, milk, milk products, rice, etc. Cooked food, leaves, more vegetables less grains, all meals as desired
Result Tension, diseases, unhappiness Long life, happiness, no diseases, no tension, spiritual development Comparatively disease free body, lesser tension, long life, happiness, etc...