Testimonials of People who Recovered fully from Heart Problems

Testimonials Heart Problems
Bhanubhai Dalal
  • Manavadar (Dist. Junagadh)
  • Contact No: +91 2874 222144, +91 9228876224, +91 98250 21775

Heart diseases, Bypass & Cholesterol

Arteries opened out which were not possible without bypass surgery. Eyesight improved. Weight reduced to normal.

Naresh Gondalia
  • Surat
  • Contact No: +91 9426937014

Doctors had advised for bypass surgery. He adapted ‘New Diet System’ and now there is no need of bypass surgery. Weight was reduced, became more energetic and started feeling fresh. He could climb Girnar hill and did not feel tired. Now he walks 8 kms. daily and does heavy physical work.