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Weight Loss
Before adapting New Diet System
Wt. 92 kg
After adapting New Diet System
Wt. 54 kg

Janakbhai Uchhat – Junagadh
Contact No: +91 285-2625661

He was weighing 92 kg initially and his waist was measuring 38 inch. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’, within 4 and half months his weight reduced to 60 kg. This motivated him for further experiment for nine days of water fasting. His weight became 49 kg. Now he is regularly following ‘New Diet System’. He is highly energetic and happy person. Now he is one of the major canvasser of ‘New Diet System’.

Sarojben & Rameshbhai Koyani - Rajkot
Contact No: +91 98790 41800
Rameshbhai's Weight was reduced to 63 Kg from 86 Kg. Headache disappeared. Constipation disappeared. Sarojben's Hemoglobin improved from 8% to 12%. Now the life is interesting for her.

Mandaben Sorathiya – Junagadh
Contact No: +91 94297 72732

She attempted to reduce her weight many times. She was getting temporary result but there was no permanent change. She also had few physical problems. By adapting ‘New Diet System’ she got wonderful results in very short period. That motivated her to go for juice fasting for 45 days. She got fully detoxicated. The waste came out in the form of vomit and stool. To her surprise the hemoglobin level which was 7.5% since last 20 years increased to 10.5%. Now she has got bright complexion. Now she feels peaceful mind, concentration and positiveness in her life. She now finds life interesting and worth living. She recommends that one should not only read and learn this concept but really try and experience the ‘New Diet System’.

Babubhai Bhadani – Amreli
Contact No: +91 2792 232282 / 223382

Weight was reduced, unbelievable increase in energy as well as freshness. Got rid from 33 varieties of ailments. Got control on sleep, anger was reduced. Got right way to live. Same way family members were also benefited by adapting ‘New Diet System’.

Pratapbhai P Chauhan – Rajkot
Contact No: +91 281-2321011

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Weight was reduced. He can perform “Nirjal Upvas” (without taking water) for 111 hours. He had one daughter. After many treatments and medicines he did not have another child. After adapting this ‘New Diet System’ he got one more girl child and a boy child without any medicines. The child is given raw food when he feels hungry and he has taken only mother’s milk till now. No other milk. The child eats raw food during day time and cooked food in evening.

Animeshkumar D Jha – Ahmedabad
Contact No: +91 98252 72360

He was suffering from many diseases. Life was not interesting. His weight was 90 kg. By adapting this ‘New Diet System’ his weight reduced to 60 kg in two months. All sufferings got vanished. Now there is no need to take medicines. He is able to focus on his business with full concentration. He advocated ‘New Diet System’ to many government officers and helped them to get rid of diseases.

Mitesh Nandpal – Viramgam

At the age of 15 years he was weighing 75 kg. His height was 5 feet. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ his weight reduced from 75 kg to 55 kg within three and half month. He also got relieved from his problem of constipation.

D C Bhatt – Mumbai
Contact No: +91 22-28981935, +91 98204 89210

He reduced weight by 22 kg within 5 months. He started feeling lightness physically. He feels freshness and energetic for all 24 hours.

Shri R R Thakkar - Vadodara
Contact No: +91 265-6564472

His weight was reduced and felt energetic. He got rid of all physical as well as mental problems

Shri S G Patel - Toronto

His weight was reduced. His uneasiness went away. At the age of 67 years he feels very fresh and energetic.

Shri T.B.Limbani (Executive Engineer) - Gondal.
Contact No: +91 2825 220062, +91 94261 65400

Several incurable diseases cured within short period. Weight reduced to 22Kg.

Rameshbhai Patel – Rajkot
Contact No: +91 98790 41800

Weight was reduced, became more energetic and started feeling fresh

Bharatbhai Balar – Ahmedabad
Contact No: +91 93270 26701 / 93270 84405

Weight was reduced, became more energetic and started feeling fresh, increase in mental peace and many physical benefits were noticed after adapting ‘New Diet System’.

P J Patel – Bharuch
Contact No: +91 2642 – 2488275

Weight was reduced, uneasiness disappeared, became more energetic and started feeling fresh, increase in mental peace, there was a dramatic change in life after adapting ‘New Diet System’.

Mahendra Dhanjibhai Patel – Surat
Contact No: +91 98251 28298

By adapting ‘New Diet System’ he got rid of many difficulties. He feels energetic and fresh. His weight was reduced. His wife was also benefited in many ways. Today whatever he has achieved he wants to distribute and share it with others.

Bharatbhai Teraiya – Rajkot
Contact No: +91 94262 55251

On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ his weight was reduced. BP became normal and he started feeling energetic and freshness has increased.

Bhajanlal Kimtani – Bhavnagar
Contact No: +91 278-2522221

Weight was reduced. He was benefited at physical, mental and intellectual level.

Govindbhai V Vavadiya – Ahmedabad
Contact No: +91 97231 17175

He adapted ‘New Diet System’. He also convinced his family members, relatives and acquaintance to adapt ‘New Diet System’. Most of the people got rid of their diseases. They also experienced reduction in weight and started feeling better and more energetic.

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