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This is representative list of the followers of ‘New Diet System’ who were benefited by adapting ‘New Diet System’. The followers includes people from all professions. The list includes doctors, engineers, lawyers, judges, traders, farmers, labors, saints, housewives, etc. We have attempted to give experiences of large number of people in a short description. All these people are from various cities of India and abroad and there contact phone numbers are given along with the description.

Unbelievable cases of recovery

Inspite of advances in modern medication, we observe large number of cases wherein persons do not get cured fully. He may have to continue to take medicines for unlimited time. There are also cases where in the diseases have become more severe inspite of medication or he has become victim of side effects of drugs. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ many people got cured from so called incurable diseases without the help of medicine or any other efforts

Please find herewith few cases of beneficiaries who got results which are unbelievable to common person.

Jayantibhai Soni
Contact No: +91 9867086917

sharing his experience in shibir

At the age of 64 years he was weighing 154 kg. He was also suffering from diabetes since last 25 years and BP since last 24 years. He was also suffering from acidity and was experiencing difficulty in breathing. He had blood circulation/ problem below knees and was operated thrice in a week period for the same. Inspite of operation he was advised by doctors to operate and cut both the legs below the knees to save his life. In year 2007 he had undergone bypass surgery. He used to take 18 tablets and 30 unit insulin daily. He was highly frustrated because of poor health and was in mood of committing suicide.

On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ within seven and half months his weight was reduced by 45 kg. He got relieved from acidity, diabetes and breathing problem. Now he is able to walk upto 750 meters and he is able to climb staircase upto three floors. Now happiness has returned to his life.

Kalubhai Savaliya
Conatct No: +91 9979470862

He was suffering from skin disease called psoriasis since last 20 years. He was also suffering from diabetes since last 12 years. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’, he got relief from all his diseases within 1 month. His weight was reduced from 80 kg to 60 kg. His mental tension and anger reduced to great extent. Now he enjoys the life and remains happy.

His father had a severe paralytic attack and heart attack at the age of 90 years. His half body was paralyzed. He was admitted in I.C.U. After treatment in I.C.U. for few days doctors were not hopeful for his life. At one stage the estimated life of patient’s survival was not more than five hours.

At this stage, Mr. Kalubhai Savaliya got his father discharged from hospital and took the patient to residence. He stopped all the medicines and started treating as per advice of Shri B V Chauhan. He was kept on juice fasting and was given enema for five times a day. Because of this treatment there was a sign of recovery. In first five days lots of toxin waste came out. The toxin waste material was unbearable stinky. Within 15 days his health improved dramatically and he was able to walk. At present he is able to walk in his village without support of walking stick. It was a miracle. A person who was on the verge of dying, inspite of timely medication got fully recovered and started living normal life through adaptation on ‘New Diet System’. Now he is living a diseases free and happy life

Mr. Kalubhai’s wife Rasilaben Savaliya was not having any diseases. But she was having over weight. On seeing the two unbelievable cases in her family, she adapted ‘New Diet System’ and reduced her weight. She cooperated to her husband fully and supported his efforts for canvassing ‘New Diet System’ in city of Surat. Today there are more than one lac followers of ‘New Diet System’ in city of Surat. One of the main reason is very active interest and helpful nature of Mr. and Mrs. Savaliya.

They have not only explained the ‘New Diet System’ to new interested persons but demonstrated how to prepare different recipes. They took raw material of recipes along with them and demonstrated at residence of people having questions what to eat.

Dayabhai Meghjibhai Solanki
Contact No. +91 9879876673

He was suffering from leg pain. He was not able to stand and walking was also difficult. He consulted one of the reputed hospitals in Rajkot. He was detected cervical problem. After MRI he was advised for surgery. He also consulted other Senior Neuro Surgeon he also opined for surgery. He adapted ‘New Diet System’ after consultation with Shri. B V Chauhan. He got miracle results within 22 days. His all difficulties disappeared. His weight was reduced by 8 kg and BP became normal. He also got relief from acidity. Now he feels freshness and happiness in life.

The experts of medical science suggested surgery to Mr.Dayabhai Solanki. But surprisingly adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ gave unbelievable results to Mr. Solanki. This was a miracle in his life. Now he is following ‘New Diet System’ with lots of enthusiasm and put his best efforts to canvass.

Narsinhbhai Patel
Contact No: +91-9925429071, +91-2772-286046

As per advise of doctors he got all the investigations done ie. Blood test, urine test, BP, sonography etc. It was concluded that kidneys were working 20% only. He had to go under dialyses twice a week. Before dialyses his blood urea was 213 mg and S. Creatine was 13.3 mg. After two weeks dialysis, his blood urea was 88 mg and S. Creatine was 14.5 mg. Thereafter there was no change even after dialysis. Hence doctor advised him to go for kidney transplant. His wife was ready to donate kidney. It was decided to go for kidney transplant operation.

In the mean while he adapted ‘New Diet System’ on advice of Chandrikaben of Eshweri Vishwa Vidyalaya and took advice of Shri B V Chauhan. Initially he was on juice treatment. He was asked to take alfalfa(rajko) juice during lunch time(300 gms). After four hours of lunch he was asked to take bilipatra juice (300 gms). After next four hours he was asked to take muskmelon (shaker teti) juice(300 gms). He was feeling improvement. The reports after one month showed blood urea 49 mg, S.Creatine was 4.6 mg, so now there was no need for dialysis. He was fully cured. He became more courageous, energetic and started feeling fresh. This was a miracle for him. Now he is back to his work of farming and job too. He is now enjoying active life.

This is an example where in the present medical systems do not have cost effective, strain less and effective solutions of kidney related diseases. On contrary change of diet and adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ is able to attack the root cause of problem. This case once again proves that the root cause of diseases is toxication of body because of conventional diet and medical system and the body can be restored by adapting ‘New Diet System’.

Chetnaben Rameshbhai Khunt
Contact No: +91 9374729831

She was operated on 8th July, 1999 for knees, because of bone TB. She completed course of AKT-4 medicine as advised by doctors. Inspite of this course she had complain of knee pain and she was again operated on 16th August 2005. Still she did not get any relief so she started taking ayurvedic medicine. This ayurvedic treatment also did not help her. On 6th January 2008 she adapted ‘New Diet System’ and she got miracle results. There was no need to take any medicine now. Her bone TB vanished, hemoglobin level increased from 9.5 to 10.3. Her weight was reduced from 62 kg to 49 kg. Though doctors were advising to take more quantity of milk, after adapting New Diet System she stopped milk totally. Now she is free from all pains. She is able to climb stairs. All her reports for hemoglobin, sugar and TB came normal within 4 months of adapting ‘New Diet System’. Looking to the benefits many of her relatives also adapted ‘New Diet System’ and were benefited in diabetes, BP, skin diseases and weight reduction.

This is another case where the root cause of diseases i.e. waste accumulation in the body if removed can cure the so called incurable diseases. And this can be achieved by simple change of diet routine ie adaptation of ‘New Diet System’.

Shreemati Daneshweriben Hemnai
Contact No: +91 265-2330769/ +91 9428767128

She was suffering from ulceritis colitis since last 8 years, she had migraine since last 6 years and she also had piles problem since last 8 years. She was not able to digest even water. She had to go more than 10 times in a day for stool (latrine). She was taking medicine regularly as suggested by her doctor. Doctors also suspected intestine cancer. There was no relief inspite of taking medicines. She adapted ‘New Diet System’ in April 2004. Within four months her body got fully detoxicated. She got rid of all her old diseases.

Her husband Mr. Bhupinderkumar had chronic allergic cold since childhood. He had dust allergy. He used to sneeze almost for 80-100 times in morning. He also had running nose continuously. He had excessive abnormal perspiration having bad smell. He adapted ‘New Diet System’ and got rid of all these problems. His weight reduced from 82 kg to 72 kg.

Thus this is a clear case of removing diseases permanently even if the diseases are persisting since long by adapting wonderful ‘New Diet System’.

Shri P.V. Kholiya (Brother of a M..D. Doctor),
Contact No: +91 288 2568780

Mr. Kholiya is a positive personality. He used to take simple and healthy food. He did his job sincerely. He used to do regular exercise and he was very punctual on his daily routines. He did not have any bad habits and has never eaten outside food. But at the age of 57 years his four arteries were blocked. Amongst which one was 100%, two were 75%, and fourth one was 70%. His brother is MD doctor in Surat. He took advice of his brother as well as other senior expert doctors. All advised him to go for bypass surgery immediately. It was a shock for him and his family. On advice of Shri B V Chauhan, he implemented ‘New Diet System’ with full faith on him. He implemented the system by following all rules meticulously. Fortunately his wife co operated fully and provided moral support. To everyone’s surprise all his blocked arteries got cleared within two months. His weight was reduced. Now his sleep, hunger, and thirst were under control.

Jitendra Dudhrejiya
Contact No: +91 94297 95153
(His wife Anjanaben J Dudhrejiya)

Anjanaben was suffering from obesity. She had pain during periods. She was also suffering from acidity, constipation and headache. She used to get tired without any physical work. Always she felt energyless and sense of sickness. The medicines suggested by doctors were not suitable to her body.

Mr. Jitendra was suffering from skin diseases and many other allergies. He was also suffering from high pulse rate.

The couple was craving for child since four years of marriage. They consulted gynec doctor. But the medicine was not giving any effective results. They were getting tensed. In the mean while they approached Shri B V Chauhan and as per his advice they adapted ‘New Diet System’. They stopped taking cooked food, salt, sugar, tea, coffee and milk. After one and half year of implementation of ‘New Diet System’, Anjanaben was pregnant. The couple was very happy. A premature baby girl was born. The child(Nisha) is healthy, clever and above normal in all respects inspite of premature birth.

Now they strongly believe that for all woman related problems there is a very effective solution. Adapt ‘New Diet System’.

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