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(Piles, Cervical Spondylosis, Psoriasis, Cancer of Thyroid, Acidity, Constipation)

Dayabhai V Matani – Ahmedabad
Ph. no. +91 99044 73937

He was suffering from many diseases like ulcers, mental sickness, uneasiness, anger, not getting good sleep, less memory, poor eyesight, teeth problem, bleeding from gums, urine related problems, breathing problem at the age of 66 years. He was also advised for bypass surgery. He was taking medicines worth Rs. 2000/- every month. He was frustrated and was feeling to commit suicide. He was feeling himself as live dead body. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ all his problems vanished one by one in very short time.

Shri P B Patel - Vadodara
Ph. no. +91 265-2344139, +91 99252 08794

Incurable piles and survical spondalysis cured within a week. Weight reduced to normal.

Bhayabhai Jethabhai Keshwala (60 years) - Jamnagar.
Ph. no. +91 288 25966909, +91 98245 13033

Diabetes disappeared, weight reduced, got rid off from tea habit. Daughter-in-law delivered a healthy son without any trouble during pregnancy & with natural delivery, he is growing well. Within three years consultation of any doctor is not needed. His daughter, son-in-law & their son are well in all respect due to ‘New Diet System’.

Nitin Panchani – Rajkot
Ph. no. +91 98252 24020

He and his wife started following ‘New Diet System’. Got rid of many small-big difficulties. During pregnancy period of nine months of his wife, there was no need to take any medicine. There was no deficiency of calcium and iron, hemoglobin level was also not reduced. Got normal delivery, child and mother were healthy. Today child is of two years but has no need to take any medicine. Mother also did not require to take any medicine. The child was not given any animal milk (cow/buffalo/goat). He eats raw during daytime and in evening he eats cooked food. The child is mentally and physically very much active compared to other children.

Chandrikaben V. Panchani - Rajkot.
Ph. no. +91 98799 64411

Cancer of thyroid cured within two months.(She is a sister of M.D.Doctor)
Akshaykumar Patel – Toronto (Canada)
Gastric & acidity disappeared, weight reduced to normal.

Bharatbhai Mohanbhai Tank - Surat
Ph. no. +91 261 253991, 2532732, 98790 38200, 94271 70571.

Three operations of intestine of 5 months old baby was advised & insisted upon by the child specialist & the surgeons. There were no chances of survival or otherwise. Now the child is growing well without any operation or medicine since 2004.

S R Sitapara – (PGVCL) - Morbi
Ph. No. +91 99789 35574

Got rid of old severe acidity problem in few days, anger was reduced to great extent, his wife also got relieved from allergic asthma.

Maheshbhai Mahadevbhai Halvadiya – Morbi
Ph. No. +91 94267 12498 , +91 2822-230546

Eventhough he works very hard he is able to sit for meditation. He can stay on juice or do “Nirjala Upvas”. He got rid of all small and big problems. He got the path of truth and now he is trying his best to spread it as much as possible.

Vanitaben S Sitapara – Rajkot
Ph. no. +91 281-2577976

She was suffering from allergy since many years. Inspite of allopathic treatment it was not getting cured. After she adapted ‘New Diet System’ she got fully cured. Now there is no need to take any medicine.

Deepakbhai Ghiya – Junagadh
Ph. no. +91 94264 42550

He was suffering from incurable ulcerites. He was highly frustrated and had lost hopes for living. He spent all his money for his medicine but was not getting cured. After adapting ‘New Diet System’ he got miracle results and got fully cured without medicines. He finds his life interesting today and worth living.

Popatbhai Valjibhai Chauhan – Rajkot
Ph. no. +91 98988 14404

All small and big health problems disappeared. At the age of 72 years he is able to do physical hard work. His urine related problems got cured without surgical operation. And you know he very like designer replica handbags for free shipping. All those designer replica handbags are top quality.

Rekhaben K Surti – Surat
Ph. no. +91 99090 11032

She adapted ‘New Diet System’ and got benefits of it. She took initiative and convinced her neighbors in residential colony. Most of the members adapted ‘New Diet System’ and got the benefits of better health.

Babubhai Kashirambhai Patel – Ladol
Ph. no. +91 94270 71932

On adaptation of this ‘New Diet System’ he got lots of benefits. Now he is working to spread the message voluntarily. Many people adapted this ‘New Diet System’ and got relieved from many diseases because of his efforts.

Nalinbhai Trivedi – Amreli
Ph. no. +91 2792-228500

Got relieved from all his physical problems. Now he has turned as an active volunteer to spread the message of ‘New Diet System’. He is fully devoted physically, mentally and financially to this activity of canvassing ‘New Diet System’.

Ashokkumar Chauhan – Pune
Ph. no. +91 20-25460769

On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ he got relieved from very old incurable problem of indigestion. He also got relieved from many other health problems.

Anilbhai P Chauhan – Mumbai
Ph. no. +91 98205 22007

He was suffering from severe cold. He was also suffering from headache and backache, hair fall etc. He got relieved from all above problems on adaptation of ‘New Diet System’. He also experienced less anger and high energy in his life.

Haribhai Bhovanbhai Patel – Jamnagar
Ph. no. +91 99246 02751

He was suffering from acidity since last 50 years. He was also suffering from diabetes and BP. On adaptation of this ‘New Diet System’ within few days acidity vanished, weight was reduced by 12 kg, diabetes was also drastically reduced (from 378 to 133). BP and diabetes was 10 years old. He enjoyed sugarcane juice and mango juice in season after many years. Now there is no need to take any medicine.

Bhimjibhai Muljibhai Ladva – Savarkundla
Ph. No. +91 94283 42093

He was suffering from so called incurable psoriases. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’, he got totally relief from this diseases. On seeing Mr. Bhimjibhai’s success most of the family members adapted ‘New Diet System’. All of them got many benefits.

Rameshbhai Jivrajbhai Khunt – Surat
Ph. No. +91 9374729831

He was suffering from chronic cold. He was required to take medicine for whole year. Because of inactive nature of lifestyle he was also suffering from severe constipation. He was also taking medicine for constipation. Because of limitation of medication the disease was not getting cured permanently. Instead it further let to piles. Doctor advised him to undergo surgery. Fortunately during that time he attended shibir on ‘New Diet System’ in Surat. He was fully convinced and adapted ‘New Diet System’. Within 15 days he got relief from pain of piles and also the bleeding stopped. His cold also disappeared permanently. His weight was reduced from 66 kg to 51 kg. In addition to this his bad smell from mouth and perspiration disappeared. Sleep apnea stopped and he feels active, energetic and happy.

This is also another classic example how effective is ‘New Diet System’ for attacking the root cause of diseases and relieving from diseases permanently.

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