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Migraine and Headache

Smt. Sarojben B. Chauhan (Shri B V Chauhan’s Wife)
Birth Date 04-04-1951.

She was suffering from Migraine since 40 years (childhood). She had taken all sorts of treatment but found no improvement. It was declared in-curable by doctors.

Subsequently Acidity developed to extremity. All sorts of medicines & other means were tried. Everything went in vain-on the contrary it continued increasing & resulted in in-curable disease.

Simultaneously, rheumatism developed & increased violently in response to the medicines & declared as in-curable.

No sooner she accepted & implemented the ‘New Diet System’, all the diseases disappeared. Today she is quite healthy not suffering from any kind of the diseases since last fourteen years & it is her confidence that she will now not require any medicine till death.

Hitesh M. Rathod - Veraval (Dist. Junagadh)
Contact No: 99246 94969

Glaucoma cured. Migraine cured; Constipation cured.

Mahendrakumar Bosmiya – Bhavnagar
Contact No: +91 94274 56755

He was suffering from migraine since last 40 years. He was also suffering from constipation, acidity, gas and joint pains. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ post chickengunia pain vanished with in a week period. He got relief from all above problems within few weeks. His wife’s BP got normal after adapting‘New Diet System’.

Bhavnaben Devshibhai Odedara – Junagadh
Contact No: +91 285-2627425

She was suffering from severe headache problem. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ she got relieved from headache. She also got many other benefits. Now she has committed herself to promote this ‘New Diet System’ in the society.

Tathapi J Uchhat – Junagadh
Contact No: +91 285-2625661

At the age of 12 years he was suffering from severe migraine. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ he got relieved from migraine. He scored better in his studies. In 7th standard he got 97% marks. He got gold medal in Karate at national championship. He was number one in swimming tournament in Junagadh. He got all round benefits.

Bhatt Bhagwatprasad Shastri – Vadodara
Contact No: +91 265-2250883

During his stay in USA he was suffering from severe migraine headache and sinus problem inspite of medication. He was weighing 85 kg. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ he got relief from both these problems and his weight was reduced to 72 kg.


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