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Heart Problems

Heart diseases, Bypass & Cholesterol

Bhanubhai Dalal - Manavadar (Dist. Junagadh)

Bhanubhai Dalal - Manavadar (Dist. Junagadh)
Contact No: +91 2874 222144, +91 9228876224, +91 98250 21775.

Arteries opened out which were not possible without bypass surgery. Eyesight improved. Weight reduced to normal.

Naresh Gondalia – Surat
Contact No: +91 9426937014

Doctors had advised for bypass surgery. He adapted ‘New Diet System’ and now there is no need of bypass surgery. Weight was reduced, became

more energetic and started feeling fresh. He could climb Girnar hill and did not feel tired. Now he walks 8 kms. daily and does heavy physical work.

Veljibhai Metalia – Amreli
Contact No: +91 9824166588

In his childhood he had heart attack. By grace of GOD he was alive but had to take lots of medicines. He adapted ‘New Diet System’ by advice of his family doctor and in very few days he did not need to take any medicines. He started feeling energetic and fresh. He is leading a bonus life now.

Muljibhai Palsana – Surat
Contact No: +91 9979014026

He was suffering from high cholesterol. He tried yoga, consumed naturamore powder for two months but there was no major improvement. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ the cholesterol level came down from 275 to 186 within one month time. On success of this he became very active canvasser and within short period he could motivate 20 people to adapt ‘New Diet System’.

Jayantibhai B Chhatrola – Amreli
Contact No: +91 9909522174

There was sudden increase in his cholesterol level. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ surprisingly the cholesterol level came down to normal. There was reduction in weight. He started feeling energetic, positiveness and happy in life.

Ranjanben M Kacha – Rajkot ( head of gynec department in government civil hospitals of Jamnagar; Bhavnagar & Vadodara)
Contact No: +91 281-2563296

She was suffering from heart related problems. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ she got relieved from heart problem. Her weight was reduced. Her anger was reduced and she started feeling mental piece.

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