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Doctor's View

Respected Shri B.V.Chauhan Saheb,


On the basis of self realization during your spiritual pilgrimage, the results achieved by the experiments conducted on yourself mentioned in the series of booklets on ‘New Diet System’ are much more impressive for the persons like us. Science has really progressed. Due to the side effects physical, mental, social, national, international problems are increased much. It solely depends on our mind & our views/vision & the mind is dependent on the "Food."

From your booklets we have come to know:

  • How to observe the FAST & the effects of the FAST
  • Real knowledge of food: that food is not the source of energy but it is the building material.
  • Diseases are the result of pleasure/enjoyment
  • Tea is worse than meat & wine
  • Happiness is in abandon.
  • By giving happiness, we can get happiness.
  • We cannot remain healthy with the help of medicines.
  • Donation is service.

Each & every booklet is superior than the others.

Being doctor, one cannot accept all these. But my mind inspired to do the experiment on myself. I could experience wonderful results for four months.

I thank you very very much.

Shri Chauhan Saheb, I thank you again for pointing out & leading us towards the path for achieving the GOD & pray the GOD for your work & long life.

Dr. Wadhwani (M.D.Physician)
Jetpur, District Rajkot,Gujarat
Ph. No.: +91-2823-222100,220070

Respected Elder & Patron, B.V.CHAUHAN

I have gone through all the booklets thoroughly-published by you on ‘New Diet System’ based on RAM CHARIT MANAS.

The peculiarities of human physical science is described by you in beautiful and quite impressive & so simple manner so that a common man can understand easily. It is utmost essential to understand by the common people. Though you are not a doctor, you have tried to give the considerable information. I congratulate for your thoughts & approach.

By going through the booklet for "CONSTIPATION" and "DIABETES" which are going to be published in near future, I found that in both the booklets you have described nicely & deeply for these diseases which are looking ordinary & you have suggested in-expensive ways & means in ‘New Diet System’ series in detail.

I pray the GOD by heart that the GOD may bless you for ever. So that you may continue your selfless service in the interest of the society by publishing more & more booklets in future for various other diseases.

I will feel my self fortune if you will consider me to co operate in your virtuous actions in future for guidance & suggestions and I will be pleased to accept it.


Dr. Dhiren R. Patel (Cardiologist)
Contact No:+91-265-2437207, 2432188, 2340641

Respected Shri Chauhan Saheb,

Jai-Shri Krishna from Dr. V.J. Sureja -Bantwa.

I am impressed by reading all the books written by you.

I congratulate you very much for giving the knowledge regarding ‘New Diet System’ in very simple language to the common people by your deep self experience on your own ..

Really, awareness is seen amongst the common people for PRANAYAM; As a result, the health of the people is also improved.

Similarly, through the media of T.V., it is much more essential to create awareness of people toward ‘New Diet System’ through out the world.

This system seems to be more useful for the rich people rather then economically backward people.

We have got independence by the efforts of Mahatma Gandhiji & such other patriotic. While the reality is that the person has become slavish of his own.

Currently the human has become vicious, he has become addicted, sensual / amorous, glorious, angry, passionate, jealous, greedy, fascinate, terrorist, insolent & has become sick physically as well as mentally.

At that time, due to the efforts put in by the patriotics like you, the people will get the right path of living the life resulting in health, wealth & happiness. I am much more impressed by reading your books. I pray the GOD to give you a healthy life......

Dr. V. J. Sureja (MBBS) and Vanitaben V. Sureja
Bantwa, District Junagadh
Contact No: +91-2874-241412, 241437, 9879717610


Most excellent, well wisher of the world, self experienced and helping natured Shri B.V. Chauhan saheb and Venerable Sarojben.

Kind remembrance and homage from Dr. V. J. Sureja and Vanitaben V. Sureja from Bantwa. I am very much dignified while studying your books such as ‘New Diet System’, new thinking systems and disease and it is not possible to explain in words. You have presented in a simple language so that an ordinary / layman / person can understand.

Really you have explained in a effective way though sweetly against the well known belief of science and religions. I hereby congratulate. It is surprising that the relatives and doctor friends have started implementation of above immediately on reading these books. All are dignified and benefited a lot. Each and every sentence is full of invaluable knowledge. It is understood fully:

  • The medicines can give temporary relief, but cannot cure the disease.
  • The food is not the source of energy, it can increase the weight.
  • Money is media to purchase the commodity and cannot give happiness.
  • There is Information in the books and not the knowledge.
  • There is duty towards relatives and not one's own.
  • GOD is treasure / store of energy, joy and love.

We may say our own experience that acidity problem is solved within four days. Also knee problem, cervical spondylosis are solved and weight is reduced. We fill Freshness forever. We fill energetic forever, mental joy, knowledge in intellect and love in ego and gained overall health.

FAST is understood in a real sense, fast is implemented easily though fast was never kept during life till today. As a result, freshness is observed.

Through 'NO DONATION BUT THE SERVICE' booklet principles of giving could be understood well. 'INTENTION' plays an important role in giving. Also no sooner it is cleared we feel free to give 10% of our income to serve the GOD. By this' act, we feel more happiness, tensionless, calmness and also feel progress in spirituality.

By knowing regarding VITAL POWER, it could be understood that the vital power is mainly wasted in:

  • Separation of relatives
  • Ego
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Desire
  • Digesting the food and in eliminating the excrement, physical work, etc ....

It is experienced that the expense of vital power is decreased due to good feeling to see GOD in everybody, feeling with love and unselfishness by change of sight while dealing with good understanding to everybody. Also vital power is compensated by sound sleep and meditation. With this understanding I accumulate the vital power with adequate sleep and timely meditation and as a result, joy and freshness is experienced for whole day. e.g. Freshness instead of tiredness is felt while doing meditation during journey. Meditation has become natural with understanding the science of meditation. Accumulation of excretion is the only reason of all diseases. With this understanding ‘New Diet System’ and fasting are implemented in a natural way. Also the utility of enema is simple. It is helpful to remove the excretion through kidney with adequate water. Freshness is also experienced due to removal of excretion from body with help of pranayam and slow breathing.

We are indebted for ever for introduction of Shri Akhileshji and for new thinking - ‘New Diet System’ on the basis of Ram Charit Manas with your esteemed experience. Purification of body, mind, intellect, ego and soul will be done by joint efforts by you (being thoughtful! and knowledgeable), yogi as Ramdevji, saint as Akhileshji, Brahmakumari rajyog meditation and thereby updating old civilization and well wishers of the country. Inter dealing will also be changed. Virtuousness such as humbleness, patience, fearlessness, forbearance holiness will be enhanced. India will become heaven in a very short time and will prove a guide to the world.

Again we congratulate and wish to succeed in the mission of welfare of self and world as a whole and we wish you spiritual development day by day.

There is more importance of health in human life. There is a proverb: "The prime happiness is the physical health." It is difficult to maintain the health. There are so many ways to maintain the health e.g. physical, mental, economical, social, feeding meal, etc. By taking care of all these, the health can be maintained. In addition to this, the life style, habits, methods, etc. also play an important role in maintaining the health). To keep away from diseases, the most important is dietary system, suitable exercise, cleanliness, life style & to keep away from bad habits like smoking, taking tobacco, drinking wine etc. is also utmost essential.

The mental peace of the human, the control on anger, envy, anxiety etc. also affects the health.

The dietary system is the main key to keep away from the diseases. Alongwith the dietary system, if the care is also taken for the ways mentioned above, then the result of dietary system can be achieved as per the expectations. So many articles, books are written & researches are conducted on diets & will continue in future also. The conclusion of all these are the balanced food through good dietary system. In this dietary system, fruits (seasonal fresh fruits which we can afford), green vegetables minced vegetables, salads, the juices of fruits & vegetable also play an important role.

By cooking, the substance of the food is adversely affected. Boiled is better than cooked (baked) & uncooked is better than boiled.

Due to the unexpected rapid change in dietary system, we have invited so many diseases earlier & we faced troubles. Good dietary system creates immunity & heals diseases. In my opinion, during pregnancy, if the woman follow this new dietary system then the health of mother & child both will be improved and there will be the betterment in the woman diseases called Anemia.

Those husband and wife who do not have any kind of diseases even though they are non fertile, may also get benefited.

Shri B. V. Chauhan has wide-experience and knowledge of dietary system. I wish that the benefit of his experience & knowledge is made available to the common people. I have also been benefited by this dietary system.

There are so many advantages of this dietary system. I, therefore, do not hesitate to recommend it. I wish the success to Shri B. V. Chauhan saheb.

Short acquaintance of Dr. Shri L.N. Chauhan : Dr. Chauhan is the specialist / expert of woman diseases .He has served as a professor & head of gynec department in government civil hospitals of Jamnagar; Bhavnagar & Vadodara of Gujarat state for considerably long period. He has retired from the service from M. S. University - Vadodara as a dean of medical faculty.

In addition, he has worked in research through I. C. M R. (Indian Medical Council for Medical Research) for very long period

He has educated the post graduate doctors during his service.

After retirement also he serves in private college cum hospital with dedication.

Dr. L. N. Chauhan M.D. (D & O.)
Contact No: +91-265-2251857

Respected Shri B.V. ChauhanSaheb and Sarojben,

Very kind regards/salutation from Dr. Falguniben G.Nandasana - Rajkot.

I got the invaluable/valued opportunity to study your new diet practice books based on Ram Charit Manas having self experienced and to attend one day shibir/seminar at Jungadh. You have presented the subject matter in a simple language scientifically giving surprise the medical science to think over, though you are not medical practitioner professionally. I convey my congratulations.

While knowing above, our doctor friends have dignified. We shall arrange your program at Medical College, Rajkot. On getting your new diet practice implemented, bodily freshness is experienced. Concentration in reading. joy, zeal and freshness are also experienced. It has also benefited smallpox on the face.

I pray that you go ahead for this mission giving public as a whole a new direction to enjoy happy life.

Dr. Falguni G. Nandasana
Medical Campus, Jamngar.
Contact No: +91-9978903200

Respected Shri Chauhan Saheb and Sarojben,

Kind regards/salutation from Dr. Jayesh Patel and Dr. Aminaben from Rajkot.

We got the invaluable opportunity to attend one day shibir / seminar at Bantawa as well as Junagadh. Also we have dignified while studying your books relating new diet practice and we have started the implementation as a result our morning tea / breakfast is stopped. In our Lunch - Tiffin, we have incorporated the raw vegetables such as tomato, carrot, so as the curtail time for cooking the food and we work with freshness from morning to evening. Our weight is also found decreased. Implementing the new diet practice many of our patients are benefited in case of acidity.

We wish that you may go ahead in this mission and you are requested to visit our hospital and arrange one shibir/seminar at Rajkot also.

Dr. Jayesh K. Patel and Dr. Aminaben J. Patel Shubham Dental Hospital, Rajkot
Contact No: +91-281-2466676

Respected Shri B.V.Chauhan saheb and Sarojben,

An invaluable opportunity is availed to attend your one day shibir / seminar at Junagadh; and I got a new direction while studying your books related to new diet practice, new thinking and disease. My family and myself have started to implement from that particular day itself. As a result, my weight is decreased, pain of knee is found removed, and I can sit steeply at ease. Bodily freshness and happiness is experienced a lot.

Whenever you come to Jamnagar, it is requested to extend the benefit of your knowledge. It is our pray to very kind God that your marital life be happy, full of joy and useful to everybody.

Kantaben Ganeshbhai Nandasana
C/o. G.C.Nandasana(Advocate)
Contact No: +91-288-2751654, 9824947115

Respected Shri B.V.Chauhan Saheb and Sarojben,

Kind regards from Dr. Darshan V. Sureja, Jamnagar.

I got the opportunity to attend your one day shibir/seminar at Bantawa. I got dignified while studying your new diet practice. I congratulate for presentation in a simple and impressive method so as to understand by an ordinary person.

Your new thinking method of fasting, service instead of alms is very much praise-worthy. Implementation of your diet system is proved useful a lot.

Breakfast and tea are stopped at Medical Campus and raw vegetables are easily available for lunch and as a result bodily freshness is experienced.

I am studying as gynec doctor at Irvin Hospital. I serve while giving your books related to woman disease to my patients and they have been benefited. You are being praised by my parents from Bantwa, and they have adopted new diet practice.

Dr. Darshan V. Suraja (Gynec)
Medical Campus, Jamngar
Contact No:+91 9925507375

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