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Hamirbhai Mepabhai Karavadara - Jamnagar
Contact No: +91 288-2910105, +91 94277 75095

Mr. Hamirbhai is a farmer. He was born and brought up in house in farm. He used to take pure and fresh vegetables, fruits and grains produced in his own farm. Milk and ghee were also pure and fresh as he was having his own cattles. He was used to do lots of hard physical work of farming. He used to carry 100 kg weight at a time on his back. He was confident of having a healthy life because of his lifestyle. But surprisingly at the age of 45 years he became victim of TB, diabetes and thyroid problem. The disease became severe as time passed. He took medicines regularly as per advise of doctor. He was highly frustrated. He was not able to control himself. He had less sleep. He started feeling tired on walking few steps. His face turned fearful. He started looking anemic. Skin became dark and thick. Though there was no improvement in diseases, there was increase in variety and quantity of medicines. His financial situation was worsening. He started feeling darkness in his life. He felt like committing suicide.

On recommendation of his friend working with Bank of Baroda as a manager, he adapted ‘New Diet System’. He contacted Shri B V Chauhan and also got his guidance. Within two months his diabetes came under control. He got rid of thyroid and TB. There was reduction in weight, increase in energy level and freshness. There was unbelievable increase in mental peace.

Bhagwanji Bhavan Sayani - Rajkot
Ph. No. +91 281 2339298 / 2369029

He was suffering from 40 years old cold. He had continuous running nose and he used to sneeze for about 25-30 times in a day. He had swelling in his legs since last 20 years. Passing of urine was strainful. He was suffering from 16 years old diabetes and 10 years old B.P. He was fed up of his diseases. He did not getting full relief on taking medicines. He also tried alternate medicines. But he was not diseases free.

On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ he got miracle results within two months. His body became diseases free and he became energetic and happy person.

Shri D.P.Virani (Principal, Science & Arts College) - Amreli.
Contact No: +91 99241 06262.

Old diabetes cured.

Shri H Y Savant - Vadodara
Contact No: +91 265-2353324

He got rid of diabetes, BP and many such diseases. His wife, son and daughter also got rid of diseases

Shantaben Bachubhai Patel – Gondal
Contact No: +91 2825-220621

She had diabetes since many years, it disappeared. She stopped taking medicines since first day of adapting ‘New Diet System’. All warts (masa) disappeared from the skin and skin became very nice. Weight was reduced. Today she wants that lots of people should get the benefits which she got. All her family members are working to canvass ‘New Diet System’ alongwith her.

Dilipbhai M Tank – Rajkot
Contact No: +91 99989 93076

He was suffering from diabetes since last 17 years. He was also suffering from cough, constipation, acidity, cold (since childhood) and used to get fever frequently. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ he got relieved from all above diseases in very short time replica designer handbags uk

Bharatbhai Jayrambhai Tank – Mumbai
Contact No: +91 97642 73800

He was suffering from less sleep, hunger, thirst, control on anger, diabetes, BP etc. He got relieved from all above diseases and experienced reduction in weight. Now he is enjoying his life. His wife Hansaben had joint pain, acidity, less sleep, excess weight. In very short period she got relieved from all above problems.

Dharmistha ben – Vadodara
Contact No: +91 265-2250883

She was suffering from diabetes, cholesterol and many other diseases inspite of treatment at USA there was no major change. On adaptation of this ‘New Diet System’ she got relieved from all her ailments within very short period.

Gauriben Veljibhai Goti – Surat

She was suffering from severe diabetes. Her diabetes level was around 400. She was required to take insulin and was bed ridden because of high diabetes. Every month she was spending about 7000/- rupees for medication. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ she became totally healthy. She is not taking any medicine now. She got relieved from diabetes. Her weight was increased by 3 kg. She feels that she has got new life.

Bharatbhai Bhagwanbhai Korat – Surat

He had burning sensation in his heel, he was not able to sleep at night, he was also suffering from diabetes, cholesterol and urine infection. Diseases were increasing along with the time. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’, within six months all medical reports came normal and there was no need to take any medicine. Now he is able to take 2-3 bananas daily. Though he occasionally takes sweets like Kaju katri, Bundi, Mohanthal, Matha etc. his reports for diabetes are normal.

His wife Damuben had joint pain. Doctors advised to take more milk which resulted in more pain and BP also rose. On further increase in pain doctor advised her to go for operation (approximately Rs. 1 lac expenditure). But after adapting ‘New Diet System’ within 15 days everything was normal.

Ashwinbhai Damjibhai Mavani – Dhoraji
Contact No: +91 98258 80962 , +91 2824-224442

He was suffering from diabetes since last 8 years. He tried many medicines but could not get any major improvement. On adaptation of ‘New Diet System’ his diabetes became normal within 15 days and his weight was reduced by 9 kg. He started feeling energetic and freshness


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