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How it works

How New Diet System works

  • The nature has designed human body for vegetarian food. The food has to be taken in natural form hence cooked food is not GOD given system. Cooked food destroys many useful enzymes and vitamins and creates chemicals which are poisonous to our body. The ‘New Diet System’ recommends taking as much raw food (living food) as possible in natural form.
  • In the ‘New Diet System’ milk, milk products and non vegetarian food is not recommended and hence not permitted.
  • Fasting is recommended in all religions for improvement of mind and body. The ‘New Diet System’ uses this concept and asks the followers to be on fast in morning for at least 8 hours for adults (below 25 years – 4 hours fasting).
  • The consumption of raw food and fasting results into detoxication of body
  • Cleansing colon with the help of plan water called “SANJEEVANI” removed excrement from the colon that help the body to perform efficiently.
  • It helps in cleansing the body and removes the existing diseases. It rejuvenates body and makes immune system stronger.
  • The ideal system is difficult to follow in practice. Hence the ‘New Diet System’ recommends partial intake of cooked food in evening as a compromise and implementable solution. Even this helps a lot in getting rid of many diseases as well as improving the health resulting in increasing the overall efficiency.
  • People suffering from acute diseases may supplement specific raw juice and enema to improve the speed of recovery. This may be implemented under guidance of experienced and knowledgeable people
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